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All materials being used are 100% certified organic referring to the seal of quality GOTS (www.global-standard.org) and they are collected according to fair trade practices. The buttons/snaps used are all lead and nickel free.


Organic Merino Wool

Organic Silk

Organic Cotton

Organic Wool/ Silk Blend


Organic Merino Wool- a miracle fibre!


Keeps the baby warm. Prevents heat accumulation, which is important, because a baby is not capable of adjusting his temperature during the first year!


Very soft, not itchy, therefore very suitable for the delicate and sensitive skin of a newborn. Breathable odor and sweat absorbent while dirt repellent and self cleaning. Water absorbent without feeling wet or cold, provides high levels of UV protection naturally fire retardant!


The best way to maintain your wool products is by exposure to fresh air. Spot clean. It is not recommended washing wool unless it is absolutely necessary, as traditional detergents strip away many of the natural benefits of wool. In extreme cases, soak the product in cold water with a capful of white vinegar or use a cleaning solution that is specifically designed for wool. You can also wash it in a machine that has a special “wool” or “delicate” cycle. Air dry flat.

Organic Silk



Silk belongs to the lightest of fibrous materials (it feels like a second skin) and it is very stretchable. Although it is the finest natural fibre, it is  extremely tough and tear resistant.

Raw silk contains many antimicrobial materials with which the caterpillar protects itself during pupation. The healing and antimicrobial properties are also effective on human skin. Silk is also known for its calming ability for very sensitive skin like the skin of a newborn baby.


It also regulates baby’s body-temperature which is extremely important since a baby is not capable of regulating his/her body temperature by himself/herself during the first year after the birth.


Organic silk is created without the use of any chemicals or treatments using insecticides, pesticides or synthetic additives. Organic Silk is grown in 22 countries all over the world.


Organic Cotton


Cotton is the most frequently used fibre. Over 50% of all fibres used are cotton fibres.


It is comfortably soft to wear and actively breathes. It is very durable, highly resistant to friction and tearing.

It tolerates high temperatures and can easily be washed at high temperatures.


Although cotton itself is a natural fibre, its cultivation goes mostly along with the use of agricultural chemicals and conventional cotton farming is monoculture.


Organic cotton is is grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. Its production also promotes and enhances biodiversity and biological cycles. It is farmed in rotating systems.


Organic Merino wool/silk blends...


... regulate warmth and humidity and support a healthy skin climate. Our clothes consist of 70 % organic merino wool and 30 % silk. The proportion of blending these two “magic fibres” provides a comfortable and long-lasting wear experience. This is “state of the art” when it comes to dressing your newborn!