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(for the use of disposable diapers, cloth diaper use see note below!)


Picture 1:

You put the bodysuit over the diaper.














Picture 2:

You put the wool pants over the bodysuit.













Picture 3:

Next you put on the wool socks and the baby bonnet. You can tie the Bonnet either under the chin or you can cross the laces over the chest and tie it in the back.












Picture 4:

Finally you put your baby into the sleeping bag. If it is really cold, you might also want to swaddle him/her in the baby blanket.




















If you are using cloth diapers, you put the wool diaper cover over the cloth diaper and the bodysuit goes on top of the wool diaper cover. Please note that the bodysuit needs to be one size bigger than your baby's regular size to provide enough space for the diaper cover!